Why Perform An Annual Roof Inspection?

Let's face it. The weather in Chattanooga can be brutal, but have you stopped to think about the impact it has on your home's roof? Everyday exposure to sun, rain, wind, sleet and snow all put wear and tear on your roof which is why having an annual roof inspection on your Chattanooga home is essential for successful roof management and upkeep. 

You may be asking why an annual roof inspection on your Ooltewah home is needed, especially since roofs are now carrying lengthy warranties. That's a good question. The honest answer is almost all roofing manufacturers specifically state in their warranty that proper maintenance is required for the warranty to remain valid. If you can't show proper maintenance records for your Ooltewah home's roof, you might find yourself out of luck when trying to make a claim on a roof warranty issue. 

Simple but thorough inspections and routine maintenance can reduce costs, reduce leak frequency and severity, extend your East Brainerd home's roof life, and reduce management inefficiencies. These inspections and routine maintenance will help identify deficiencies within your roofing system before they escalate. Besides these important reasons, there are studies that show a roof that is not maintained regularly will only last about half of its expected life. 

Because routine roof inspections are an essential for successful roof management and upkeep, Langley Roofing offers several roof inspection options for your Hamilton County home's roof. You can see the different levels by clicking here or you can contact us here