How To Pay For Your Chattanooga Home's New Roof

paying for new roof on chattanooga home

Replacing your Chattanooga roof is not an expense that most people can simply write a check for, so many homeowners are left sorting through options to pay for replacing their home's roof. We understand that replacing your Chattanooga home’s roof is not something you generally think about until the need arises, so we have put together a list of payment ideas to help you find the right option that best fits your situation. 
Are you a few years out from needing to replace your Chattanooga home’s roof? The best option available is to start making monthly payments now into a savings account that will allow you to pay cash for your home’s new roof. This will help when it's time to pay the large roof bill. Even being able to pay a quarter or a third of your roof's total price with cash from your savings will make a difference in paying for your new roof.
If you qualify for a new no-interest credit card, consider using it finance your Chattanooga home’s new roof. Should you decide to use this option to pay for your roofing repairs or replacement, avoid charging anything else to this credit card and break up the cost into 12 monthly payments. Most new cards with no-interest offers are generally for a 12-month period, so this is definitely a great option for financing your new roof. 
Another option to pay for your Chattanooga home’s new roof is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). This is a line of credit that uses your home as collateral. A HELOC is generally used for large expenses, such as home improvements. Drawing on this line of credit will allow you to pay for your new roof while paying it off over time. 
At Langley Roofing, we offer 5 payment options for your Chattanooga home's new roof. 

Cash: We always accept cash for all payments.
Check: We gladly accept your personal check for all payments. We charge a $50 Return Check Fee on all returned checks.
Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express
12 Months Same As Cash: For roofing totals that you can pay off in one calendar year, our third party banking partners offer a 12-Month Same As Cash payment option. The 0% interest rate is subject to qualification and approval from the third party bank and all lending terms must be met to insure the loan and rate.
Low Monthly Payments: For larger totals that may require more than a 12-month repayment period, our third party banking partners offer a personal loan at a competitive interest rate to cover your roofing project at a convenient low monthly payment. All borrowers are subject to qualification and approval from the third party bank and all lending terms must be met to insure the loan.
If you would like to use our convenient payment options, a Langley Roofing representative will call our third party lender for you and put you on the phone with their representative for an on-the-spot decision within 5-7 minutes. You can expect the same excellent customer service from Langley Roofing’s payment options as you receive when you do business with us.