5 Signs It's Time To Replace The Gutters On Your Chattanooga Home

Replacing Chattanooga Gutters

Gutters are an important part of your Chattanooga home, protecting it against costly water damage, protecting your roof and the exterior of your home from rain and moisture while providing effective drainage. Did you know gutters that are not functioning effectively in your Chattanooga home can cause damage that is costly to repair, such as problems with insulation, internal and external paint, mold, and internal property damage? It's easy to see why you need to pay close attention to the function of your Chattanooga home's gutters and to repair or replace them when red flags emerge. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to replace your rain gutters:

1. Gutters that are loose or hanging.

This is an obvious red flag that doesn't need too much investigation that repairs or replacements are needed. If your gutters are no longer firmly attached to your Chattanooga home, they are obviously not performing the job they should be performing, but more importantly, they are a falling hazard.

2. Rusted, cracked, or slouching gutters.

Forget the obvious issue of appearance, rusted or cracked gutters are very likely to leak or clog. Slouching gutters on your Chattanooga home present the same problem due to the fact they don’t allow water to flow freely through the gutters as intended.

3. Exterior wall damage.

Damage to the siding or exterior paint on your home may due to faulty gutters causing water to flow down the side of your Chattanooga home.

4. Clogs.

If you have cleared leaves from the gutters on your Chattanooga home, you know all too well about the standing water that results from clogs in your home's guttering. While leaves are generally the clog culprit, you should not automatically assume that clogs are caused only by debris. If you find that your Chattanooga home's gutters clog relatively often, it may indicate a structural problem or the need for a leaf guard.

5. Leaks or pooling water.

If your Chattanooga home's gutters are leaking or pooling water, this is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Have you experienced leaks in your Chattanooga home's roof? If you have, it may very well be because your gutters are failing to funnel water away from your roof, walls, and foundation. Pooling water near your downspouts may also be point to problems with your gutters.

Did you know that Langley Roofing also repairs and installs gutters on Chattanooga homes? If any of the above issues sounds like your Chattanooga home, give us a call for a free repair or replacement quote. It’s just another way that Langley Roofing is a premier partner for the maintenance and upkeep of your Chattanooga home.