Make This A New Chattanooga Fall Tradition: A Home Roof Inspection

chattanooga fall roof inspection

It was a long hot summer in the greater Chattanooga area and your home's roof may have survived the brutal heat, but now it's time to take a closer look through a fall roof inspection. Fall roof maintenance is a necessary part of extending the lifespan of your roof – and protecting your home’s integrity.

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about roof maintenance on their Chattanooga home. Yet, the costs associated with routine maintenance of your roof is minimal comparing to the costs of replacing a neglected roof. Regular roof maintenance, in the long run, will save you money.

Our roof inspections are 10 point inspections and are available up to four times a year. Here are two of the areas of potential concern we will check during your Chattanooga home's fall roof inspection:

1. Gutter Cleaning

Your gutter system was designed to remove water from your roof in order to:

- prevent pooling of water and moisture buildup

- prevent damage to your home’s structure

- discourage moisture-related mold growth

When your gutters are not properly maintained, the lifespan of your Chattanooga home's roof can greatly be shortened, so it’s easy to see how critical it is that you clean and check our gutters one to two times a year. 

Do you know if it's time to replace the gutters on your Chattanooga home?

If your Chattanooga home has a number of tall trees on your property, you may need to check gutters more frequently for stray leaves and twigs. It’s also important to be proactive about trimming tree overhangs and large branches, as these are major causes of clogged guttering. 

Most gutters can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. If you need an experienced local contractor to do the job, Langley Roofing installs and repairs gutters in the greater Chattanooga area. Simply call (423) 504-5056 or visit us online to schedule a free estimate!

2. Inspect shingles for potential problems

Anomalies such as curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting and blistering can occur during any part of the year, but with the brutal heat of a Chattanooga summer, it's prime time for roofing issues to develop. Without a roof inspection, you may not become aware of the issues until the needed repairs reach a critical level, such as with a leaking roof. All of our maintenance agreements include inspection for this issue. 

Routine roof inspections are essential for successful roof management and upkeep. We offer different levels to fit your needs. Langley Roofing is a premier home roofing provider for the greater Chattanooga area. We consider it a privilege to serve Hamilton County, Catoosa County and other surrounding areas. Whether your roof needs an inspection, a small repair, or a complete replacement, our insured and licensed professionals will get the job done right—and our work is always guaranteed!

Find the right roof maintenance package for your Chattanooga area home.