Beyond the Roof: Three to Try - Chattanooga Burgers

The New Year means resolutions to get healthier and everyone starts watching what they eat and counting calories, but if that's not on your list, we have another resolution list for you: Chattanooga burgers!

Urban Stack  

Urban Stack does burgers and man, they do them well! If you are looking for a local burger, it doesn't get more local than Urban Stack...literally. They work with local farmers and vendors to get the best quality meats and ingredients.

"We have specifically chosen a wide variety of meats that are either all-natural, organic, grass fed, free-range or from sustainable and humane farms. We are committed to freshness, quality and homemade goods. We love our city and are proud to say we own and operate one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses in town. We grew up here and believe in supporting our community and being the best neighbor we can be."

Zarzour's Cafe

If you haven't experienced a burger from Zarzour's, your Chattanooga to-do list just got longer, only you will want to check this off your list...and then visit again and again. This little cornerstone cafe of the Southside has had their burgers featured in many publications, including Hamburger America.  

"Each burger is pattied to order. Shannon (Fuller) scoops ground chuck out of a Tupperware dish next to the grill, hand forms a patty and places it on the small, flattop griddle in the front part of the restaurant, surrounded by customers. No burger is the same, though she gets pretty close." Trust us. It is LEGEN (wait for it) DARY! 

Tremont Tavern 

Another burger that you must make a resolution to experience in 2017 is the Tavern Burger from Tremont Tavern. This burger is 1/2 lb. of their house blend Angus Beef, served on a Niedlov's artisan roll, topped with green-leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion, mayo, mustard and ketchup...everything a burger should be!

"Known for its laid back, welcoming atmosphere, Tremont Tavern takes burgers and beer very seriously. Using their own proprietary grind and blend, Tremont has become just as much a restaurant as pub. Blending ideas from the culinary team with suggestions from customers, the North Shore favorite has developed a small, but unique menu that appeals to many different tastes."

A burger a month? A burger a week? Resolutions are tough and the new year arrives soon! Make a Chattanooga burger resolution that you know you will be able to keep! Happy New Year from all of us at Langley Roofing.