Winterizing Your Chattanooga Home's Roof

It's winter in the Tennessee Valley and if the weather data from recent years is any indication, who knows what we can expect. It's better to be safe than sorry, so taking steps to winterize your roof is a step in the direction of preparedness, just in case we experience all that winter has to offer.

Most homeowners will feel comfortable with this checklist, but if you are not comfortable performing these tasks, you can always call us at Langley Roofing and we will be able to help ensure you are prepped and ready for winter and the New Year.

Roof Inspection

Your first step is to ensure the roof on your Chattanooga home is in good condition. A professional roof inspection will help you find any potential issues before they become a serious issue. During the inspection, our Chattanooga roofing professionals will look at shingles to see if any missing or damaged? Do the areas that have flashing look good or does it appear to be damaged?

Routine roof inspections are essential for successful roof management and upkeep, which is why we offer maintenance packages with different levels to fit the needs of your Chattanooga home.  

Clean Your Gutters

Fall leaves are beautiful, but all good things must come to an end. Those leaves you enjoyed during the fall are now resting in your gutters and clogging them up, keeping them from doing the job they were designed to do. Gutters are designed to drain water away from your roof. As snow melts, it should drain into your gutters, but with clogged gutters another issue can arise: ice dams. Ice dams will cause water to pool in one place and the damage it can cause to your Chattanooga home's roof could be serious.

The good news about your gutters? Gutter cleaning is included in our roof maintenance packages!

Preparing now will ensure you are ready for whatever Jack Frost decides to bring to the Chattanooga area.