Chattanooga Roof Damage and Summer Heat


When it comes to summer heat in Chattanooga, one word comes to mind: extreme. When the thermometer climbs into the upper 90's, most Chattanooga homeowners head inside and crank up the air conditioner. Unfortunately, the roof on your Chattanooga home doesn't get a break in the extreme heat. Just like staying out in the sun can damage your skin, the constant exposure to the sun and extreme southern heat can also damage your Chattanooga home's roof.

Maintaining the roof on your Chattanooga home should be a year-round focus, which is why Langley Roofing of Chattanooga offers roof maintenance packages to ensure the integrity of your home’s roof remains intact. The summer months in Chattanooga mean your home’s roof deserves special attention. Summer weather is not friendly to your home's roofing material. Here is a look at what damage the summer heat is causing to Chattanooga roofs.

You've heard it said that it's not the heat, but the humidity that makes the extreme summer heat dangerous. That's the truth for your Chattanooga home too! Roof damage can occur from the Chattanooga humidity. Heat and humidity can cause the roofing material and shingles on your Chattanooga home to curl, bubble or warp.

The UV rays can dry out the roofing material on your home, causing them to break and peel. Anytime there is a compromise of the shingles on your home, a real danger exists for damage. If it has been an extended period since your home’s roof has been inspected for damage or material compromise, you should consider scheduling a Chattanooga roof inspection for your home. We offer a great annual maintenance program where we perform a 10-point inspection, cleaning, debris removal and so much more.

The Chattanooga summer humidity also means one thing: summer storms. Summer storms can pop up suddenly, and often. Anytime it storms, there is potential for damage to your Chattanooga home through water. Whether it's from the humidity or storms, moisture can become trapped beneath your Chattanooga home's shingles. Moisture is a word that strikes fear in the heart of homeowners, and with good reason!

Moisture is an enemy of your Chattanooga home’s roof, and one of the main causes of roof damage. When moisture finds its way into the layers between your roof, or into your attic, it can cause damage from the inside out. The unseen moisture can also create another issue with your home: mold. Mold growth in your home doesn’t only cause potential damage to your roof, it can also cause damage to your health.

Don't risk ongoing damage to your Chattanooga home's roof due to summer heat and humidity. Langley Roofing is a premier Chattanooga roofing contractor with decades of experience in roof repair, new roof installation and roof maintenance. Langley Roofing’s roots run deep in the Chattanooga and we are proud to provide roofing services to Chattanooga homeowners because, we don’t just work here, Chattanooga is home. Call Chattanooga’s Langley Roofing at (423) 504-5056 to learn more about protecting the roof on your home.