Mismatched Roof Shingles or Blue-Green Algae?

chattanooga roofs with blue-green algae

Have you noticed differing colors on your Chattanooga home's roof? Chances are the issue isn't mismatched shingles, but nature. The most common cause of stains, streaks or off-colored appearances is actually blue-green algae.

Algae can grow in moist, shaded areas, which is why you often see discolored roofs around heavily treed yards or on homes around water. This algae can cause shingles to have a different appearance than others, even though they are actually the same shingle. This mismatched appearance can happen on parts of your roof and not the entire roof.

What does this mean for the curb appeal of your Chattanooga home? For starters, this discoloration does not necessarily mean that your entire Chattanooga roof needs to be replaced. Shingles that are not well into their life expectancy can actually be cleaned, resulting in a roof that has uniformed appearance.

If your Chattanooga home's roof has discoloration on some of the shingles so that there is a mismatched appearance, a simple cleaning will restore the appearance of your roof. It's important to know that climbing on your roof with a pressure washer is not a recommended approach to cleaning a dirty roof or a roof with blue-green algae growth. The best approach is to trust your roof care to a roofing professional.

Chances are you've been out in nature, around water, and slipped on an algae covered rock. Wet algae is very slippery, which is why cleaning algae off a dirty roof should only be done by a Chattanooga roofing professional. We all know the term "slippery when wet," but it's even more true when you are talking about an algae on a roof.

When it comes time for replacing your Chattanooga roof, consider calling Langley Roofing. We can help ensure the beauty of a roof against unsightly blue-green algae.