3 Things To Do In The Fall In Chattanooga

fall in chattanooga tennessee

If you look closely, you can see some fall color starting to appear on the trees around Chattanooga. From festivals to incredible outdoor adventures, fall is a great time in Chattanooga. Fall is also a great time to perform some important home maintenance on your Chattanooga home. A little time, energy and TLC now will potentially save you headaches and money down the road. Here are three things you should do this fall in your Chattanooga home.

Clean Your Gutters. Chattanooga fall colors are beautiful, but all good things must come to an end, and that includes the beauty on the tress. Once the leaves being to fall, they end up everywhere, including in the gutters of your Chattanooga home. When gutters become blocked from leaves and debris, the water doesn't flow off your Chattanooga home's roof as it is designed. Instead, the water flows wherever it can, including underneath your roof shingles, down the siding or wherever it can find drain. This leaves your home at risk for water damage, which may or may not be seen until the damage is extensive.

The gutters on your Chattanooga home are designed to remove water from your roof in order to:

  • prevent pooling of water and moisture buildup

  • prevent damage to your home’s structure

  • discourage moisture-related mold growth

When the system is compromised, your Chattanooga home is at risk for damage. Whether you choose to clean the gutters o your home or decide on a roof maintenance package that includes seasonal gutter cleaning, make this a priority this fall for your Chattanooga home.

Roof Maintenance. Fall roof maintenance on your Chattanooga home's roof is a necessary part of extending the lifespan of your roof. Your roof undergoes a tremendous amount of wear and tear during the year. Without a roof inspection, you may not become aware of the issues until the needed repairs reach a critical level, such as with a leaking roof.

There are many things to look for when inspecting your Chattanooga home’s roof, such as curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting and blistering. These things can occur during any part of the year, but with the brutal heat of a Chattanooga summer, it's prime time for roofing issues to develop.

Langley Roofing offers Chattanooga homeowners a variety of maintenance plans to help preserve the lifespan of the roof. All our maintenance agreements include:

  1. Seasonal gutter cleaning

  2. Inspect all rubber plumbing boots & replace as needed

  3. Inspect all attic vents for cracking, flaking and metal rusting, replace as needed

  4. Check for exposed nails and repair

  5. Inspect for animal damage or roof penetration, such as squirrels, woodpeckers and raccoons

  6. Debris removal

  7. Inspect shingles for anomalies such as curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting, & blistering

  8. Hail and wind damage inspection

  9. Check for buckled roof decking (possible moisture problems)

  10. Roof top skylight cleaning

Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors. One rule of thumb is changing the batteries of your Chattanooga home's smoke detectors every time the time changes. Besides changing the batteries, take a moment to do a full smoke alarm checkup in your Chattanooga home.

Smoke alarms should be outside each sleeping area in your home and inside any bedroom where the door is typically shut each night. Every floor of your Chattanooga home should have smoke detectors.

Smoke alarms work only when they are properly maintained.

Here are some tips to ensure your smoke alarms remain in working order so they are there when you need them:

  • Test every smoke alarm in your home monthly.

  • Don't wait on the time changes twice a year to change the batteries. If your alarm starts chirping, immediately change the battery. Batteries that are nearing the end of their lifespan may not cause the smoke alarm to function properly. Don't risk the safety of your family!

  • Just like you have the change the air filters in your Chattanooga home's HVAC system monthly because of dirt, you should also clean the smoke detectors in your home monthly. Simply use the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove all dust and debris that may have accumulated on the sensors.

  • Think 10! The lifespan of a smoke detector is about 10 years, so if it has been over ten years since you last replaced the alarm, fall is a great time to replace the smoke alarms in your Chattanooga home.

We titled this post for our Chattanooga roofing blog 3 Things To Do In The Fall In Chattanooga, but there is actually one more thing you absolutely MUST do: Enjoy the season! It a fantastic time to get out and enjoy the city we call home!