How Can I Tell If My Home Needs A New Roof?
Knowing when you need a new roof is something every Chattanooga area homeowner should keep tabs on. When considering if it is time for a new roof, there are three important factors: age, appearance, and leaks. Typical shingle roofs can last approximately 12-20 years, depending on certain factors. Maintaining your roof through regular inspections and preventative maintenance, (link to roof maintenance) this will help catch physical damages (such as broken shingles or loss in granule surfacing) and determine when to replace your roof.

What Is The Cost Of A New Roof?
With our financing options, monthly payments make a new roof affordable.

Do You Offer Different Roofing Styles And Colors?
Ultimately the color and style will be your choice. However, Langley Roofing is willing to help our Chattanooga area homeowners choose aesthetically pleasing roofing styles. We have a wide variety of options (link to shingles) of asphalt shingles, metal roofing as well a synthetic slate roofing.

Is There An Ideal Time To Install A New Roof On My Chattanooga Home?
Langley Roofing install roofs year round. The quality of installation or lifespan of the roof is not impacted by the season of the year.

What Happens If There Is Rain During My Chattanooga Home's Roof Installation?
Depending on the size of the roof, Langley Roofing will install your roof, typically in one day. This virtually eliminates the chance of rain affecting your installation. If there is a chance of rain in the forecast, we will delay the installation until the next acceptable day.

During Installation Of A New Chattanooga Roof, Do You Use Staples Or Nails?
Although it is cheaper to use staples to install shingles, Langley Roofing works hard to deliver quality and dependable roofing, which is why we only use treated nails that are made specifically for roofing purposes.

My Roof Is Staining. What Is Causing It?
Stains on your Chattanooga home's roof are generally caused by algae build up. This growth is typically predominant on the North and East facing slopes, due to less exposure to the sun.

Will A Leak In The Roof Of My Chattanooga Home Cause Long Term Damage?
A leaking roof will not just cause damage to your Chattanooga home's roofing system, but also to your home itself. If you notice leaks in your roof, please call us at 423-504-5056 to have it inspected right away. Immediate attention can not only remedy the leak cause but also help avoid mold growth in your home.

Will My Landscaping Be Harmed During My Roof Installation?
Langley Roofing is a premier Chattanooga roofing company which is why we work diligently to protect your yard during installation. We always use tarps in installations to help ensure we leave no footprint behind of the installation. We also run an industrial magnet roller through your yard as part of the cleanup process.

Can Langley Roofing Help With Insurance Claims?
Absolutely! Langley Roofing has relationships with all of the major homeowner insurance carriers. We can always negotiate on your behalf during claims, keeping your best interest in mind.