Making Those Tough Decisions…

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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects you, your family, your belongings, and the things you have worked so hard to get from the elements outside. Your roof not only goes to work daily to provide that protection and security but also gives your home personality and character.

Why Perform An Annual Roof Inspection

Routine roof inspections are an essential for successful roof management and upkeep. Simple but thorough inspections and routine maintenance can reduce ownership costs, reduce leak frequency and severity, extend roof life, and reduce management inefficiencies. These inspections and routine maintenance will help identify deficiencies within your roofing system before they escalate.

Beware of Contractor Scams

After a disasters, contractors and others will often go door-to-door in neighborhoods, which have sustained damage to offer clean up and/or construction and repair services for their homes. Most of these business people are reputable, but many are not. The dishonest ones will try to execute schemes to defraud innocent victims. Schemes consist of pocketing the payment and never show up for the job, never completing a job that was started after receiving payment, use inferior materials and perform shoddy work not up to code in order to pocket more profit.

We always encourage our home owners to ask questions. We want you to have a peace of mind about the project you are about to start. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) published this informative press release – click here.

iPhone or iPad users can download the NICB Fraud Tips app to make it easy to quickly send a tip and get a response.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Warns of Storm Chasers

“The recent damage done by tornadoes in the surrounding counties bring out the best in people, as strangers reach out to help others in need. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a crisis also brings…[Read More]”

The BBB recently publish a list of tips for homeowners who sustain roof damage in the wake of a natural disaster. You should never feel forced to make a hasty decision or to choose an unknown contractor. We encourage you to not make sudden decisions, do as much research as you can, ask others.

We encourage homeowners to check the BBBAngie’s List, request references, and check other reputable websites that provide ratings you can trust on contractors. Don’t rush into a projects on this scale. Take the time to do the research on the local roofer.

Get directions to roofing supply stores near you:

Also, do you need help with your project, use the links to find a localized Google Map to help make your way to a roofing supply and materials store where you can find out what the materials colors are available, feel like, and look like up close. We know how important it is to know what you are getting so that is why we want to provide you with these locations near you.

Roofing Supply Store Near Downtown Chattanooga

Roofing Supply Store Near Shallowford Road/Highway 153