FAQ 3-tab vs Dimensional Shingles

What is the difference between 3-tab shingles and Dimensional Shingles (aka Architectural shingles)?

Regular (3-tab) asphalt shingles have three regularly spaced asphalt tabs, giving the roofing material a very repetitive pattern. In contrast, dimensional shingles have two layers of shingle material bonded together, giving them a three dimensional appearance.

Is there a material price difference between the 3-tab and dimensional shingle? If so, why?

Yes. Because there are two layers of shingles bonded together on the dimensional shingles vs one layer on the 3-tab shingles.

Is there a labor price difference between dimensional shingles vs the 3-tab shingles? If so, why?

No. Although dimensional shingles weigh more, the difference in weight doesn’t constitute an increase in labor cost. The cost to install 3-tab and dimensional shingles are the same.

Are dimensional shingles superior to 3-tab shingles? If so, why?

Yes! Because of their durability and appearance. Dimensional shingles have higher impact and higher wind resistance than 3-tab shingles. Dimensional shingles can give an appearance of wood shake or slate roof without the cost of an actual wood or slate roof.

Dimensional shingles are also known as 3-D shingles, architectural shingles, and laminate shingles.